German Blue Card Overview

Germany welcomes qualified immigrants. The German blue card is the EU's most valuable residential and work permit. We have three German Blue Card programs (details below) to reduce your smooth path to permanent residency from 5 years to just under 2 years.

Germany has a transparent, honest government and laws. It protects the rights of all citizens, including newcomers. With permanent residency, immigrants enjoy the same rights and privileges as German citizens, except for the right to vote. And after eight years of residency, you can apply for full citizenship.

As a permanent resident of Germany, this opens the door for family education, career and business opportunities throughout the EU.

Do You Qualify?

Asians can apply for a German blue card if they're a professional and have a college degree or a formal on the job training with five years of professional experience. You must have a clear criminal record and not been declared legally incompetent. That's all that's required for eligibility.

The rest is up to you and your family.

Valuable Facilitation & Features

Our Blue Card Program offers a wealth of advice and support while you and your family decide on your move, prepare to immigrate, and when you arrive in Germany. Based on our more than 30 years of immigration consulting experience, you'll have everything clearly spelled out for you. So why not take advantage of the opportunity?

We offer fact sheets and checklists months ahead of your departure. Take advantage of up to € 10,000 (USD 12,000) in annual German tax credits. Our Blue Card packages pave the way to free accident protection and savings on benefits such as dental treatments, driver's licenses, insurances. And we provide full relocation assistance.

You can easily get a German driving license as you get ready at home. The key to a smooth transition to your new life in Germany is thorough preparation before you depart. And who wouldn't enjoy driving an Audi, BMW or Porsche on the high-speed autobahn when you get there?

As soon as you arrive in Germany, we help you open multi-currency and internet bank accounts and set up inexpensive international transfers. We take you and your family to see the ideal places to live or the best school for your kids. We provide advice for choosing essential services such as phone, medical, insurance, and even suggestions on furniture shopping. With decades of immigration advice and experience, we know exactly what you and your family need.